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For Less Than Luxury.


Is Renters Insurance required?

Yes, $100, 000 Liability is required to cover the contents in your apartment home.


What are the fees involved when applying?

Each applicant requires an application fee of $150 and there is a one-time administration fee of $350 per apartment home.


Are there income requirements?

Yes, we require applicants to make 3x the amount of the monthly rent.


Do you accept guarantors?

Yes, they are required to make 5x the amount of the monthly rent to qualify and we process an application for them as we do the other applicants.


Are utilities included?

Utilities are paid for by the resident.  This will include electricity, water/sewer/trash and cable/phone/internet.


Is the community pet friendly?

If so, are there breed/weight restrictions? Yes, we are pet friendly.  Residents can have up to 2 pets with a combined max weight of 75LBS.  We do not accept any aggressive breeds or mixes of aggressive breeds.  Contact the community for additional information.


How do I pay my rent online?

Log onto, choose the property you live at, then create an account.


How do I submit a maintenance request online? 

Log onto RentCafe from the community website at, then enter the request from your profile.


Does the community have a resident bulletin board?

Yes, this is located on RentCafe.  You will sign in as a resident on the community website, then post to the Resident Bulletin Board.


Is parking included in the rent?

One- and two-bedroom apartment homes have 1 space included in the rent, three bedrooms include 2 spaces.  These spaces are in the parking garage and assigned per apartment home.


Is guest parking permitted overnight? Where do guests park? And how do I register their vehicle for overnight parking?

Guests must register their vehicle if parking overnight from 10PM to 8AM. Guests park in the parallel spaces around the exterior of the building.  Residents must register their guests on  Residents will need to create a new account if they have not registered previously.  You will then manage guest vehicles once you are signed in.


Where can I find my package if I did not receive a Luxer code?

If the resident has received delivery confirmation, they should contact the management office to locate the package.  If it is afterhours, residents can contact Luxer Support at (415) 390-0123.


Are guests permitted in the amenity spaces?

Yes, residents are permitted (1) guest in the amenity spaces and must be always accompanied the resident.


How do I get into my apartment home if I lose my key?

Residents will need to call the office during the office hours and the staff is able to assist.  After hours, residents are required to contact a local locksmith.


How does my guest or delivery service enter the building? 

Residents are registered for ButterflyMX at the time of move in.  Visitors or delivery services should use the call box on the West or North entry to contact the resident by clicking “Leasing Directory” then typing in the resident apartment number or name.  This will call the resident and the resident will hit “9” on their phone to open the door.


What are the hours for move in?  Is there a specific entry point of the building for move ins?

Residents can move in during office hours, Monday-Friday 9-6, Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.  Residents and/or movers are required to use the North entry ONLY and this is where they can access the Loading Dock.


Are there specific requirements for moving companies?

Movers are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance prior to the move in.  Also, an Elevator Reservation is required with the management office.


How long are my guests permitted to stay?

Per the lease agreement, residents may have guests overnight in their apartment home for up to 7 consecutive days in a 30-day period.


Is the community 100% Smoke Free?

10X Living at Boca is a Smoke Free community.  This includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping and smoking of any kind.  Residents and guests are not permitted to smoke anywhere in the community or in their apartment home.


Are residents permitted to have a grill on their patio? 

Gas or charcoal grills are not permitted on resident patios.  The community offers gas grills at the pool pavilion and the Activity Courtyard for resident use.


Do you supply AC filters?

Yes, AC filters are available monthly for the residents at no additional charge.


What is the move out process?

Residents are required to provide a written 60- day notice to the management office prior to the lease end date.  The apartment home must be given back in the same condition it was given in, less any normal wear and tear. Residents must then provide a forwarding address and turn in all keys to the apartment home. 


What if I need to terminate my lease agreement early?

Residents choose an Early Termination option when signing the initial lease agreement.  Option 1 allows for the lease to be terminated with a penalty equal to 2 months of rent. Option 2 allows for the lease to be terminated and the resident is responsible for the rent until the apartment re-rents or remainder of the lease term, whichever comes first. Residents should contact the management office for more information.


Who do residents call in case of a maintenance emergency?

Residents should call the main number and follow the prompts. 


What is considered a maintenance emergency?

Flood, fire, no running water, no hot water, no electricity/power, no AC and the temperatures are above 75 degrees outside, and no heat and the temperatures are below 55 degrees outside.


Does the community have storage units available for rent?

Yes, please contact the management office for pricing and availability.


Can I transfer on site?

Residents are permitted to transfer after they have lived in their apartment home for 6 months.  Please contact the management office for details surrounding the policy and fees for transferring.


Can I sublet my apartment home?

No, 10X Living at Boca does not permit subletting.


Does the community host resident events?

Yes! 10X Living at Boca hosts multiple events per month.  Check your email for upcoming dates and reminders.